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APK MINES Privacy & Policy 2021

Policy updated on  16 May 2022.

We are an APK app, mobile games, and digital software providing organization. Here, We have listed our privacy and policy rules. What is privacy? Apkmines states that every person has conditions in which he feels safe his privacy and the same for an organization there are certain terms and conditions that we call website or organization privacy.

It is obligatory for every user who visits our web page to follow certain rules and regulations. Our latest privacy policy explains What information we gather about you, How we use your personal information. How can the user set their privacy and how can they set cookies.

When you have access to your account we may collect your personal information like your email address. All these pieces of information are collected by us. We use this information to improve our website.

We care for our user’s privacy. APKMINES always believes that if we care about our customer’s privacy that will not increase their privacy only, But increase their trust and they will participate actively in our activities.

What is the purpose to collect information? We want to inform you that when a user visits our website we gather their information. And how we use this information when we disclose it to anyone. It is our user’s choice either he would allow us to collect their information or they refuse to accept our terms and conditions. APKMINES website offers visitors to share their unique experiences with us to improve our services.

The developers have designed this website for our users. We do not collect sensitive information. We respect our users and always want them to stay with us. They can email us if they have any problems regarding privacy and policy.

Agreement with Apkmines

When a user visits our website and downloads a particular app or game, He/She makes an agreement with us. That they accept our terms and conditions for that game or app. The user’s consent is necessary to accept these conditions. It will make it easy for us to collect their information for other useful purposes.

Important Point! If you do not accept our terms and conditions. You are not allowed to download games and apps. Do not worry, we are not collecting your personal information, if you accept these terms and conditions it will increase our mutual trust in each other.

Moreover, We would say if you disagree with our terms and conditions and we allow you to download then delete our games from your phone and do not browse our webpage next time. It will also be good if you read our policy page before you download a game or app from our website.

Information That We Collect

We collect all the information that you give us directly.

  • If a user visits our webpage and signup to make an account. Then we collect their information like ( date of birth, personal name, email address, and password )
  • We also collect your information like your public chats, and your comments.
  • In case of any problem, you contact us and we also collect these shared details.

We collect data when you use our downloaded apps or games.

  • We collect data about your location, device type, and system information that you are operating.
  • Your mobile operating device information like ( Phone IMEI, device ID, etc ).
  • If you are using a laptop, we can collect your laptop IP address, your operating system, location, and browsers versions information.
  • We also note the time you spent on our website and the number of times you visit our website.
  • When you try to access us through a third-party app, We can collect all information about this third party.

We Use Cookies

Cookies are small files that we place on your computer. These files are stored on your hardware and make connections with our server. When you visit again these cookies show you a unique result of our webpage that you are looking for. Our main purpose to use cookies is to provide you with the desired result and improve the quality of

Cookies allow us to monitor the visitor and their activities on a website. These files also allow us to optimize our website by providing the best results to our users. Web browsers are already set to accept cookies. In case, You do not want to accept cookies then you can block them.

One thing you should keep in mind is that by blocking cookies you will not access complete results. If you want to learn more about cookies control then follow this page

You should note that can not control 3rd parties cookies ads.

How Can We Use Your Information

We can use the user’s information in the following ways:

  •  We use your data to provide you with better apps and games experience;
  • To check what you are downloading from our website. We should update it regularly;
  • We can provide our services in a better way;
  • By checking maximum downloads, we can customize this app with a
  • better experience;
  • It ensures us that you are following our terms & conditions;
  • To check any chat message and remove abusive content;
  • We can improve our app and games. If you are facing a problem, we are always ready to provide you with the necessary assistance and resolve our app issue. In this way, we can also improve our services;
  • When we update any latest app or game, To notify you about that app or game;
  • This may establish social network connection;
  • If the app or game which do not accept, we may send you a push notification for that game;
  • To enhance your experience;
  • By checking your interest, We may offer you many more services;
  • To prevent any false activity;
  • We may use it for marketing purposes like Facebook or Google;
  • We may use it for administrative purposes when you violate our terms of use.

Children’s Information

We do not collect data about children under the age of 14. In case the children enter information on our website. It is the responsibility of parents to check and monitors the activities of their children on our website. However, They may contact us directly, We will remove the data entered by their children.

Parents should guide their children about the safe use of the internet. Moreover, They should check the search history of their children on daily basis. If their children are involved in the false activity. They may guide us.

Device Information

We collect information about your devices like an operating system. Your location is also traced. Moreover, We collect your laptop isp address, browser history, and the term used.

Log Files

When a user visits, The log file is generated that is stored on our system. These log files contain users’ information about their search results and specific terms used in the Google search bar.

Personal Information Security

We collect our user’s personal information. uses this information for different purposes. We do not collect sensitive information. It is our responsibility to secure user information. And we guarantee that we don’t share this information with anyone.

Online Privacy Policy

This privacy and policy are for online users. When a user visits online our webpage. We collect certain information. This policy is not valid for offline users.

Analytics uses 3rd party ads network to optimize our content. We allow third parties to use cookies. We may share your information with these ad networks. You should make it clear what information we share before you use our website. We collect data about users’ search terms and their different parameters when they visit our website.

Access to Information

You will be happy to know that you can access to information that we have collected about you. To collect your information, You may contact us by visiting our contact us page. You should keep in mind we will verify your identity before we provide you with certain information.

Changes in Privacy & Policy reserve the right to update its privacy and policy. Users will be notified by posting a notification on our website. We have the legal right to make necessary changes to our policy to make it user-friendly.

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