GTA 5 Mobile APK – GTA 5 For PC and Android

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GTA 5 Mobile APK – GTA 5 For PC and Android: The latest edition of this game is available on the website. GTA 5 is an action game. Many legends are always looking for the latest edition.

The Grand Theft Auto Version 5 has been uploaded to our website. Download GTA online from this webpage. This game has a friendly user interface and good graphics.

Download GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V



App NameGTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V
PublisherRockstar Games
Latest Version1.08
Info Port PC to Android
UpdateMay 4, 2022

GTA RP is a game where you have to face a lot of challenges. You will get a lot of new experiences. Everyone wants to explore this world and want to go beyond the sky.

The GTA V provides opportunities for players to find different ways to go ahead. It is full of entertainment and curiosity.

Download GTA 5 & Play GTA V Online Free. All the latest GTA 5 updates are available only on the website.


If this version is not compatible with your device, Then download GTA: San Andreas, A modified version of the game.


GTA 5 gives you a beautiful experience of the real world. Players can do whatever they want to do without any obstruction. They can fulfill their dreams by playing this game that was not possible to fulfill in the real world. This is the reason, Peoples are keen on this game.

GTA ROLE PLAY  is a term in this game that allows you to play in a group. You will not be defeated if you choose to play in a group. Do not divide yourself and always work for your community. However, Players can not control themselves and drive a car without caring to explore the city.

Undoubtedly, They try to choose the fastest car in GTA 5 to grab their enemies. They should care for themselves and other’s life. Always enjoy and do not implement your tactics in the real world whatever you learn from this game.



This game revolves around a group of people who planned to rob a bank. On a decided day they do the robbery. The main persons who were involved in this robbery were Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Sniper. After this robbery, They all went to different cities. And starts enjoying their lives. They were spending a happy life there. Police tried to find them but they could not arrest them

They all were nominated as dead persons. Almost, after 11 years Michael Townley came back. One of the FIA agents caught him. He offers him some money. Finally, They become friends. Michael’s girlfriend was caught in an incident. Then Michael and his friend visit that boy’s house. Where they kill him. His friends told him, Arrange an amount to pay for this. He again starts the robbery.

Over time, They were together. After a few years, Michael left that city and go to Ireland. He becomes a good man and starts living a peaceful life. One of his friends who were with him in the robbery case found Michael in Ireland. They have a conversation about past lives. Michael told him about his wife. Tony advised him to marry in Ireland.



There are many players who want to visit the casino but due to lack of money and unavailability of casinos in their area. They can not go there to enjoy themselves. GTA 5 ps5 games give you a real experience to play in a casino bar.

Download the latest version of GTA5, 2022, and enjoy playing this game. GTA Vice City is the most top-trending game. Due to fast-running GTA cars, people are taking interest in this game. This is the reason its users are increasing day by day.

You can modify GTA cars. Go and travel around the world with these high-speed cars. Grand Theft Auto V is an impressive game. Everyone loves playing this game. Players move from city to city and have experience of the world.


  • HD graphics
  • Good players chemistry
  • All roads are clear, Clean environment
  • Improvement in the design of some buildings
  • There is a whole lot of wisdom
  • Changed Light


GTA 5 online game is very popular among robbers because this game is about a big robbery and fast-moving cars. A group of people who are involved in a money robbery case is planning to rob another bank. They have modified GTA 5 cars for this plan.

The police are also searching for them. This will be a big robbery if they succeed in their mission. The police have also planned to trap them. However, Their target is not clear. They are using special technology to trace them.
GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V APK is available on ApkMines, Download its latest version that is released in May 2022.

This is an online game. You can make a lot of money if you are a good player. Making money is not an essay in online games. You should have good knowledge to earn online. However, We will provide different codes to make it easy for you to earn money.

Download GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V| Latest Version (2022). The downloading link is provided above.

The best way to play and earn is that divide yourself into groups and play this game online. Share diamonds and gold with each other and check the trends for this game. In this way, You can get a maximum idea to win and earn more.


I want to tell you some interesting things and facts about GTA 5 . There are many people who do not know about these facts about GTA 5 Game. In the present, as you listen GTA 5 GAME is the most expensive game.

It became a very popular game nowadays. why did this game become most popular? some facts and secrets are given below about these games.

  • Do you know about the option ” plows getaway “?

The driver-guide Michal to any place where the Ice is present with his soundings. when his guard left the car and go to the soundings he found the lion on the ice.

  • Do you know about Tariq Selvi?

Tariq Selvi is the player who completes the all missions of this game in a very less duration of time. He completes this game in 11 hours 50 minutes and 57 seconds.

  • Do you know about the derivation of the logo of GTA 5?

The logo of GTA 5 is driven from the dollar of eighty ninety-nine as shown in the given image.


It is very easy to download and installs this game on your android phone. If you do not know to run this game on your android devices. Then follow our guidelines to install this game on your phone.

  1. We have given a download button to download this app. Scroll down the page to find the download button. Click on the download button to download this Apk game. The downloading process will take a few minutes.
  2. The next step is to install this Apk game on your phone. Click on the downloaded button to start the installation process. A screen will appear when the installation process is completed.

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