FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook APK for Android 2022

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FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook APK for Android: FastVid is one of the best application software to download videos from Facebook. All the versions are available on this web page. You can download the version that is compatible with your Android device. This application software is available for all devices like android, iOS, and PC. Facebook video downloaders can be shared through WhatsApp.

Download Facebook video downloader version for Android free of cost. It’s the latest version updated by developers and it would not be changed till 2023. So, Install FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook to enjoy its amazing features.

FastVid Video Downloader

Facebook Downloader

App Name FB Video Downloader
Publisher Google Play Store
Size 8.27 MB
Latest Version4.5.6.14
Genre Videos
UpdateMay 28, 2022

FastVid Video Downloader For Facebook

FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook APK is a tool to download videos. This software occupies less space. It allows you to download videos from your Facebook. In this post, we will explain how to use it. It is very easy to use this application. You should have an android phone to download and install this APK app.

Facebook video downloaders do not require enough space. You should have a few MBS spaces in your android device to install and operate it fully on your phone. This application is specially designed for android devices. So, you can download all the FB videos on your mobile.

hd facebook video downloader apk

Video Downloader for Facebook Pro APK

There are many FB downloaders available in the market. But all of these, FastVid is the best tool to download any type of video from Facebook. Its Pro APK version is available only on the website. So scroll the pages to download the latest pro version of this tool. We update all the tools on daily basis to provide you with the latest versions.

It is not easy to save and download HD videos from Facebook. But with the pro version, you can download unlimited HD videos free of cost. We have a team of experts that remain 24/7 hours online to support you. You can contact our members in case of any problem you face during downloading. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

How to Use Facebook Video HD Downloader

You can use it to view videos on your desktop and then attach the video file using drag and drop step by step. To download the videos on FB with FB video downloader, Follow these steps.

  1. Download the video directly.
  2. Download and show the video on your desktop.
  3. Copy the video to your clipboard

you can download your favorite HD videos from Facebook in three simple steps.

step 1: Open Video Downloader for Facebook. Copy the URL from Facebook and paste it into the search bar to download the video.

Step 2: You can directly download the videos from the downloader. Click on the Facebook menu in the downloader to download it to your phone.

Step 3: You can check the downloaded videos in the download menu of your Facebook downloader. In case, if you do not find the video then try to download it again. You should also check your phone space.

Can a Live Video on Facebook be Downloaded?

In this article, we will see how can a live video be downloaded from Facebook in the future. Live video can also be downloaded from Facebook. For this, you should have a premium version of the downloader. There are many people who watch a lot of videos on the Internet. They would watch a lot of videos and they don’t have time to watch them one by one. Facebook allows you to save these videos so that you can watch them later when you have time.

So, download and install the live video player on your computer. In this way, you can easily download live videos on FB. Live video player with FB download chrome extension can help you to download live videos. These features are available only with the latest version All previous versions can not help you to download live HD videos.

FastVid: Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension

FastVid Google chrome extension is also available. This extension allows users to download videos from social networks like Facebook. The extension requires Facebook API keys to set up and allows users to save videos from their own profile pages. Facebook has stated that the extension should not be malicious. It only downloads videos that are allowed by the extension’s developer on the Facebook website. It is also a way for users to share their favorite music videos on social platforms.

fastvid chrome extension

Facebook states that it has found no evidence of any data being shared in this way. You can share all of your content that follows FB rules and regulations on Facebook. This could be also a source of income for you. This amazing social platform monetizes your channel when you reach the required number of users. So, download this apk downloader to share your content and to earn continuous money. Google also knows a number of users need this application. To make it easy for the users they introduced a chrome extension.

Installation Guide for Facebook Video Downloader APP

We have given a link to the premium version free to download. APKMines is the only website that provides premium versions free of cost. The installation guide is the same for all the apps and games. But we guide you each step to avoid any problems. To download and install the Facebook downloader follow these steps.

  • Find the APK app download button to download this application.
  • Click on the button to download the file. This will take time and downloading time depends on the performance of your phone. If you have a mobile phone with good RAM then it will take less time to download.
  • When the file has been downloaded then click on the APK file to start the installation. This installation process will ask for permission to get access to your phone. Allow this access to install it completely.
  • Finally, You will be able to see the dashboard and fastVid: video downloader for Facebook is ready to use.

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