Binance: Cryptocurrency Exchange | Trade Exchange

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Binance: Cryptocurrency Exchange | Trade Exchange: It is one of the largest exchanges in the world. Binance is an exchange for cryptocurrency trade. However, It is very easy to use this application. It is a big platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Binance was founded in 2017. The developers were working in china but now they moved out of China due to increased regulation for cryptocurrency exchange. Its headquarter is in Malta. Trading via Binance is very easy and it also charges less amount for trading.

Binance Coin -BNB is a cryptocurrency proceeded by Binance interchange and marketing with the BNB sign. Binance Exchange Rates are reasonable. BNB coin is basically used by Ethereum network blockchain now it has become the real coin of Binance chain. so now it has become the largest interchange currency in the world. It has the following features.

  1. Proceed with the payment
  2. Make long-term investments
  3. Transfer agency business.
Download Binance App


Download your Binance App. Click on Binance login to see your dashboard.

App NameBinance: Bitcoin Marketplace
Publisher Binance Inc.
Size Varies with device
Latest Version1.43.2
Info App


How To Use Binance

Binance offers its users crypto to crypto trading. You can trade in more than 500 currencies and tokens including Bitcoin ( BTC ), Dogecoin ( DOGE ), Ethereum ( ETH ), and Litecoin ( LTC ). It is very easy to trade through Binance.


When you download this application, the Next step is to make an account to trade via Binance. Click on the account creation button. It will ask for some information. You can create your account by email address or by using a mobile phone. We would suggest you open your account by using your email address.

Enter your email address in the email bar and also choose a strong password. Press the continue button. It will ask for intelligence verification. Fill the Captcha and continue. You will receive a verification email at your email address. Verify your account by clicking on the given link.


It is necessary to verify your account. For account verification, you should have English Id Card or a passport. It will ask for your latest pictures. It is necessary to verify your account for its proper functioning.

To make your account more secure, It will be good if you verify it through your mobile phone. Enter your mobile number in the verification bar. You will receive a code on your phone. Enter the code to verify your account.


Tether is the third-largest cryptocurrency. The market value of Tether is at the top level. It is the fastest currency in the world. It has the following features.

  • The processing status is very fast
  • The market value is high
  • It is a top-level virtual currency.

You can trade on Binance by purchasing tether. The tether can be purchased with any currency. It will be good if you buy tether via Binance. Do not trust anybody and buy it on Binance. We recommend you to buy this because it is a static currency. Fluctuation in its price is very low. You can buy it by using your bank account. We recommend you buy Tether to trade through Binance.

Invite Friends & Earn Crypto Together

Earn up to 40% commission every time your friends. Binance is offering you a chance to win a commission. Invite friends to earn 40% commission on each rade, they do. So get benefit from this golden chance. Spread this message in your social circle to earn more.

Credit Card/Debit Card

You can buy cryptocurrency by using your credit card/Debit card details. Use these details to buy crypto. Please do not share your confidential details with anyone.

P2P Trading

It is a very easy and most un-secure method to buy crypto. You can buy crypto with your local currency. It is insecure if you send payment before you receive tether currency. Ask them to send it first and then transfer their payment.

3rd Party Payment

You can buy crypto by using 3rd party payment method like you do not buy ion Binance. You buy front-to-front currency. It is a safe method like a bank account transfer method.

Cryptocurrency Analysis

We analyze the market by using technical and fundamental analysis. These two methods are briefly described here.

Fundamental Analysis

It is necessary to do technical and fundamental analysis before you invest in a crypto market. You should have complete knowledge about the market to invest in. Here you will learn technical and fundamental analysis of a market.

First, you should do a fundamental analysis of a coin. To check a coin’s position you should analyze its trend on different websites like coin market cap. Visit coin market cap to check when the coin was launched. It should be 4 months old otherwise do not invest. What was its trend during this time? You should check it total circulating supply and the total market cap of this coin. To check a coin’s status visit coinmarketcap website.

Trends of the top 5 coins in coin market cap.

Technical Analysis

when you search the market and find a coin that is good to go. Then do technical analysis before you invest in a particular coin. In technical analysis, we understand the candlestick’s pattern, the use of different moving averages, and different moving graph on a stick.

Three moving averages have been used in the above graph. Let’s understand all these moving averages.

99 Moving AverageĀ 

This moving average shows you the results of the average of the 99 sticks. It gives you the clearest idea about the coin market trends.

25 Moving AverageĀ 

This moving average shows you the results of the average of the 25 candlesticks pattern. It clears you what is going to happen with the market.

7 Moving AverageĀ 

7 moving average shows you the results of the average of the 7 candlesticks pattern. It shows the results of 7 candlesticks.

By using all three averages together, you should keep in mind that when moving average 99 is at the top and moving average 7 is at the bottom. This is the right time to invest in a coin. But you should not rely on this single method. Check other methods to get a clear idea of the market. When the pattern is reversed, do not invest and wait for the right time.

Candle Sticks pattern

It is necessary to analyze the candlestick’s pattern to invest your amount sensibly. It gives you a clear idea of what is happening in the market. Here you will learn the candlesticks pattern.

Bearish Market

When the market is going down, This pattern is called a bearish trend. We suggest you do not invest in when you observe this pattern.

Hanging Man

A hanging man is a candlestick pattern with a long wick below the candle’s body. The length of the body would be one-third of the length of the lower wick.


Shooting Star

It is simply an inverted hammer. Shooting Star is an inversion of a hanging man. It has a long wick above a small body. It is usually observed in the uptrend.

Gravestone Doji

This pattern will appear when the buyer and seller both will fight together and we observe a horizontal line with a long wick.

Bearish Engulfing

A bearish engulfing pattern is generally observed at the end of an uptrend. A large red candle engulfs a small green candle showing the strength of bears. And bullish trends covert to bearish trends.

Bullish Market

When the market is going up this trend is called the bullish trend. When you observe this trend, set your margin and get your profit.


Hammer is similar to hanging a man in a shape. The main difference between these two is that hammers occur at the downtrend and the hanging man occurs at the uptrend.

Inverted Hammer

An inverted hammer is usually observed at the downtrend. This pattern resembles a shooting star and differs only in the position of occurrence.

Dragonfly Doji

This is partly a bullish pattern. Open, close and high prices of the candle are similar. It shows that buyers and sellers are in a tough fight and buyers are able to push the prices to their open price.

Bullish Engulfing

This pattern is generally observed at the end of downward. In this pattern, large green candles eat small red candles that show the strength of bulls. Finally, bearish trends convert to bullish trends.

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency – Binance

Binance is a very large and most trusted exchange. Millions of people are trading through Binance. The main reason for its popularity is that it protects your asset. Its referral fee is very low. Most importantly, It has a simple dashboard and you can use it easily. This exchange has made it easy to trade via Binance. Download and install this exchange if you are interested in mining.

There are different ways to do trading on Binance. It is up to you which method you choose to play. We would recommend you start trading with spot trading. Do not go for leverage if you are a newbie.

Spot Trading

The most recommended method by crypto experts. This trading is very easy and it will never wash out your money. You can buy and sell at current market rates. It is very popular among daytime traders and it has no expiry date.

For instance, If you think the market for Etherium is coin to up. You can buy the coin. When you observe the market is going down you can sell the coin by taking your profit.

Margin Trading

In this trading method, You have an option to set a margin for your trading. Like if you set a margin of 55 for a bullish market. Then your coin will be sold our when this limit is reached. In the same way, if you set a limit for the bearish trend, You will be protected from more loss.

Future Trading

It is very risky to trade. This trade may wash out your account. It allows you to play with leverages like if you invest 100$ and play with a leverage of 5. It means you have 500$ ( 100*5=500 ). You will get your profit of 500$. This is giving you a lot of profit but it may expire your account if the market goes below the set limit.

So, Invest carefully and you should have complete knowledge about leverage trading. Otherwise, you can waste your whole amount. Visit the link to check more details on the Binance coin base exchange.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

There are different crypto websites where you can analyze the coins like coin market cap, and coin base. Moreover, Some websites give you news about the latest coins. What is going on with the market? Crypto News is one of the best websites where you can get the latest news about the crypto market. You should also analyze the coins on the coin telegraph.

You should join different groups on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep yourself updated. We would suggest you do not depend on anybody. And learn before you invest. There are different ways to analyze a market. It depends on you how can you check the graph and trend to analyze it technically.

Currently, The market is in a crash. The bitcoin value drops down to 34000$ from 64000$. Hopefully, It will recover at end of December. So, If you are in spot, hold tight and do not sell your coin at a cheap rate. The market will go up after a certain period.

Binance Trading Signal

We have a bitcoin expert team that will provide you with a trading signal. If you want to get a trading signal you can contact us through our contact us page. Our expert team will analyze it and they will give you a trading signal. They can guide you when you should invest in a particular coin.

This signal will be 100% correct. You will be charged for this trading signal. If anybody wants to get training, they may get the latest information. Our training is conducted through different social apps.

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