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Arena Of Valor MOD APK 2022 V1.46.1.2 Platinmods: Download the latest version of the android game with unlimited money and gems. The arena is not just a name it is an international championship game. It is a very interesting action game. The users are attracted by this APK modded game because of its HD graphics and the latest updates, they get on time. The game tournaments are held every year around the world. The gamers can participate in the Annual World Final League of Legends to win prizes.

So, download Arena of Valor mod apk Platinmods with the latest version 2022. The game has attracted millions of users since it has been launched. Area of Valor has always focused to get more users. The versions are updated after every six months with a lot of new features.

Arena of Valor MOD APK Game Features

Arena of Valor MOD APK

App NameArena Of Valor
Latest Version1.46.1.2
MOD infoHack MOD
Get it onApkmine

How to Get Unlimited Money and Gems in Arena of Valor Mod APK

There are different ways to collect money and gems. We will discuss here all the methods one by one. These gems can help you to move ahead. So, try to collect maximum money and gems.

  • The first way to earn money in the Arena of Valor mod apk is to play matches. When you play maximum matches, you have maximum chances to earn rewards. These rewards could be money, gems, and precious metals. You can also earn prizes when you get the first position in the match.
  • The 2nd way to get gems in the Area of Valor is by purchasing items in the game with real money. These items can help you to buy different equipment. You can also exchange items to improve your performance.
  • The last way to earn money is to sell all tokens that you have collected by completing challenges. All the methods are discussed here. You can earn money and gems if you follow these simple methods. There is no other shortcut way to earn money.

Arena of Valor Free Redeem Codes

All the latest working redeem codes are being shared with you. You can put each code one by one to earn free rewards. Redeem the code to get the reward.

List of Valid Gift Codes:

  1.  3IWK5336EY
  3.  7U7V1SRXT6
  4.  4H2342BN3N
  6.  A58DZEH6OE
  7.  H4NL9G2XQX
  8.  6MDZ7QSFYJ
  9.  F3S6ZTNY67
  10.  MNSF91J7IZ
  11.  XAXGJJ7G3Z
  12.  K58QXU3VDX
  13.  QCOB5I67PS
  14.  0HRUIWGH97
  15.  73PRA2P8TW
  16.  Y2QEON8Q3A
  17.  F09KW3CI1X
  18.  DJ7Z9GDOGL
  19.  0FVGAF1RNO

How To Redeem a Code in Arena of Valor MOD APK?

You can claim your reward in this game. Follow our simple guidelines to claim the rewards. You can only get your rewards when you claim them with the right codes. We have mentioned all the code in the above table.

Step 1: Create an account and log in to your dashboard.

2nd Step: On the main screen (AOV) click on the reward box icon

Step 3: You will see the announcement tab, Now click on the redemption code center given on the left side.

Final Step: Finally, Copy the code and paste it into the box to earn the free rewards.

Arena of Valor Characters – AOV Heroes

A hero is a character that is controlled by players in the game. There are different classes of characters in the AOV game. These classes are  Marksman, Mage, Assassin, Tank, Warrior, and Support.






Area of Valor Gameplay

AOV is an online multiplayer 3D, 5v5 MOBA on a mobile game. This is an amazing action game with different game modes. These modes are valley Skirmish, Grand Battle, Ranked, and Abyssal Clash. Each mode of the game lasts for almost 16 minutes. The game has unique characters and HD graphics. The quality of the background sound is good.

Moreover, the game requires less space and is available for all android devices. So, download the Arena of Valor mod apk for the website. You can also play Candy Crush Saga MOD Apk.

Arena of Valor Tier List

Do you want to win games in the Arena of Valor mod apk? If yes, then you will need a tier list and we have created one of the best tier lists for you. But winning this game depends on your skills and how you play. Moreover, the skills of the opponents and how they defend.

arena of valor tier list

The characters called Heroes plays an important role to win this game. Each character has a unique set of equipment. The gars can get benefits from this equipment to win the game. The question is, how do these heroes contribute to winning the game? We have made a list of heroes from best to worst. This grading list can help you to choose the characters.


s tier

CharacterClass Role
RyomaMarksmanDark Slayer


a tier

CharacterClass Role
Maloche WarriorJugler
RouieSupportDark Slayer
KrixiWarriorAbyssal Dragon
Wonder WomanWarriorMid
PaineAssassinDark Slayer


B tier

CharacterClass Role
FlorentinoSupportDark Slayer
SupermanSupportDark Slayer
Lu BuWarriorDark Slayer


c tier

App NameArena Of Valor
Latest Version1.46.1.2
MOD infoHack MOD
Get it onApkmine

Arena of Valor esports MOD APK

There are different levels of tournaments in the arena of valor mod apk game. These tournaments are held after a few months. Players of the game can participate from all over the world. It is not easy to win tournaments. You should be a pro player to win the game and to earn rewards.

Arena of Valor esports

The international championship for the year 2022 will be held from 16.6.2022- 10.07.2022. The prize for the game is $200000.  AOV star League B series Winter 2022 prize is $1375. This series would be from 26.5.2022- 5.6.2022. If you are interested in the series, then don’t forget to check the schedule on the website.

How To Install Arena of Valor MOD APK on Android

To download and install the Arena of Valor MD APK game on your android devices, follow our guidelines given below.

  1. Find the download link and click on the button to download the game. The downloading will take a few seconds. Uninstall all the previous versions before you download a new version of the game.
  2. Click on the downloaded game to install it. It will ask for permission. Give access to the storage and the process will start.
  3. In the end, you will see the game dashboard. The game is ready and you can play the game now.

Download Arena of Valor MOD APK (60 FPS Mode, Hack Map, Radar Hack, Drone View, Premium VIP/PRO) For Android

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