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Apex Legends Rule 34 Mobile APK 1.0.1576.195 for Android: Apex Legends is one of the top-level APK games and millions of users are playing this game.  Nexon mobile gaming company released this game in 2017 and modified its latest version in 2022. It is an action-adventure game. The people who love adventures should play this game. They will definitely love it. Download the upgraded version of this game with more advanced realistic features.

This APK game is based on a fictitious 3D model. The day it was released, its developer teams were shocked to see that the game’s supporting server is going down to a lot of users. This game is available on the apkmines.com website for Android and iOS free of cost. We try our best to provide you with the latest models as it is released.

Apex Legends Mobile APK


App Name Apex Legends Mobile
Publisher Google Play Store
Size 1144.59MB
Latest Version1.0.1576.195
Genre Action
UpdateMay 29, 2022

The Apex New Legend Game's Description

Apex Legends rule 34 is a Royale game. In this game, players fight against each other in a small group and they also fight with their enemies. You can download the latest version of this game. The game is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Android, and Pc. Apex Legends” was developed by a Chinese developer and it gained popularity in a short time.

In June this game was officially launched on PlayStation 4. Initially, a free trial was given to all the users to check its amazing feature. Later on, They closed this version. Its premium version is available in the market. apkmines.com is the website where you can get all the premium versions free of cost.

apex legends

Apex Legends Bloodhound White Raven

Apex legends Bloodhound is the princess of all the games. The game is about blood-shedding. Raven fights to kill the other persons. This fight lasts until the death of the opponent. This is the last stage of Apex Legends rule 34. This is the rule which can help you to save your life and make all the possible situations to defeat your enemies.

Apex Legends rule 34 bloodhound is a shooting game. World top-level snippers with modernized equipment have been introduced in this game. Download apex legends if you want to be a good snipper. What will you do when you have to fight against a herd of deadly players. So, a good snipper can handle the situation at this stage.

The Apex Legends rule 34 helps the player to choose a place and equipments to face their enemies. You can apply this rule when you are a five-stage pro player. However, there are different codes that can open many premium features before time. Contact us through our page to get code for a particular stage.

Apex Legend Rule 34 & 35 For Pro Players

There are almost 65 rules in the Apex Legends version 0.195. But all of the most important rules are 34 & 35. These rules are very tough to understand and it is not easy to encode these rules. If you are a beginner never try to find these rules. You will not get access to these rules. However, there are secret codes that can help to decode these rules. You can only get these hints by contacting us through our contact us page.

Let’s discuss these two codes in detail. If you are a pro player, you have the authority to get access to these codes. What is Apex legends rule 34? This rule can help you to freeze yourself when you are attacked by enemies. In this way, You can save yourself. Moreover, You can freeze your opponents by using this rule. To freeze your opponent’s equipment use the FAka code in this rule.

Apex Legends rule 35 can help the players to get control of opponents’ region. This will make a shield around their region that will make them unable to move. You can kill all of them to get control of their areas. However, You can steal their weapons if you do not want to kill them. Use code Video HD Games Fine code for this.

Seer Apex Legends rule 34 All Versions APK Game

Apex Legends is a very interesting and fun game. The user enjoys a lot when they play especially with their friends. They destroy the vehicles with each other with local weapons. Players try to snatch their friend’s cars even though they think thieves are stealing Because their faces are covered. They feel happy when they find the stolen car outside of their home’s garage.

Enjoy the game and its features. Make new friends online. Seer Apex legends are a joker. They want to keep the players entertain when they come from the battlefield. It gives the players happiness and they forget their stress.

Apex Legends Characters & Patch Notes For Players

Apex Legends rule 34 is a multiplayer shooter game with many advanced characters. Each player has special abilities and he can use his own weapons. The players had multiple options to select characters and use them according to their own needs. Patch notes are also available for players to get benefits from these notes.

Players can also create their own characters, and select their own skins and other equipment. There are many characters available for players. You can fully customize your players according to your desire. However, there are some options and fresh players can not use them. You can select these options if you are a high-level player.

Download & Install Apex Legends APK for Android

The Apex legends rule 34 is one of the best games to download and play. It is very easy to download this APK game. We have given a link to the premium version free to download. To download and install the APEX LEGENDS follow these steps.

  • Scroll down the page to find a download button.
  • Click on the button to download the file. Please check the phone space to download this file. You can use this application on Android, iOS, and PC.
  • When the file has been downloaded then click on the APK file to start the installation. It will ask for permission. Grant app permission to resume the process.
  • Finally, You will see the dashboard. Play apex legends rule 34 & enjoy. Share this website with your friends.

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